Friday, February 20, 2009

Dog Grooming & Good Health All Goes Together

Take the dog as a whole. You care for his health by visiting your veterinarian and getting his shots. The vet checks out the ears, eyes, feels the body for any signs of lumps, listens to the lungs and heart and perhaps draws blood to check over all health.Your job: feed and water and make sure your pet gets the exercise he needs. Hopefully you are feeding them a premium food. Check out for an over view on proper feeding and diet & Flint River Ranch pet foods, along with NuVet Plus supplements (use my order code for 50% off resale prices.) I can't stress enough how these things are so important to dogs and cats health.

Do you groom them? All dogs need to be groomed either by you or a professional. A dog's hair, long or short needs to be brushed. This helps with removing dead, lose hair from the body and makes the skin healthier. Bathing is important as well, not to mention that they smell better. There are just as many shampoo's available for dogs as there is for humans these days, but I must warn you, most shampoo's made for humans are not formulated for dog's coat and skin. One product that is, is called Eqyss. They have balanced the PH for animals, and removed any wax polymers and oils commonly found in both human & pet grooming products. Unlike humans, animals are all slick skinned. The hair follicle must be free of any residues in order to accept moisture from the air.Toe nail trimming is a big part of grooming and not always an easy thing to accomplish. Some dogs are just bad! Take my own dog for insistence, he hates to have his nails cut and even though I am a groomer, I have a hard time with him, but it needs to be done. I my business, I will not fight with a dog that doesn't cooperate with me, It is just to hard on the old body, mine not the dogs, so some dogs may need to go to a vet's office where if the nails are cut to short due to bad dogs, the vet can repair the damage. Ear cleaning is something that a lot people over look until their dogs show signs of infection or they smell so bad that you can smell them coming a mile away. A great product that I use is Ear Care Formula for Dogs and Cats by HealthyPetNet. This cleans the ears by bringing dirt and debris to the surface. It eliminates odor, dissolves ear wax and soothes the ears. This to can be purchased at Pipschoice.
Long coated dogs need to be trimmed occasionally if not on a regular basis. The hair will just keep growing and will become matted. This causes all kinds of problems to the pet. Skin becomes tight, dander gets trapped down to the skin, this becomes red and sore causing with unnecessary discomfort for your pet.

You see, grooming is a big part of a healthy dog as well what you feed them.
So grab your brush and have some productive quality time with your pet.

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Great post. I agree - grooming is a part of a dog's overall health

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