Friday, February 27, 2009

Natural Pet Food

So you want to feed your dog or cat a food that is close to being natural? I have just what you are looking for, in fact these foods are delivered FREE to your front door. I love when my UPS man comes carrying in my dogs food. I get about 40 - 60 pounds at a time. The nice thing is I know that I am feeding my pets healthy food. Food that is made fresh within 6 weeks time, not food that has been sitting on some warehouse shelf for a year or more. The difference is definitely in the taste, not that I have tried it for myself, but Pippin and Bosco knows. And I know how good it is for them. What food am I taking about you ask? It's Flint River Ranch. I will sent you a sample for your dog to try along with a few other samples. Please don't ask for cat food, I don't have a cat so I won't have any food to send you. However, you can order sample packs at Flint River Ranch - CLICK HERE to learn more about it and see all the other formula and pet treats available. If you go to any other website listing Flint River Ranch it will not be me, so please use this website or call 1-800-354-6858 and use order code 120855 or tell the nice girls there that Susan from Spotts Grooming sent you.

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