Friday, October 30, 2009

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How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth by Dr. Sarah

While many people like the smell of puppy breath, the same can’t be said for “Dog breath”. It’s almost universally considered as eye-stingingly unpleasant. This phrase has even been used as a play-ground insult! While it’s a joke to some, when you look at the science behind foul panting, it’s clear that bad breath is anything but funny. More...
Dealing with Grief

Losing a companion animal is devastating. And yet, many pet parents don’t receive the kind of emotional support they might expect if they had lost a human family member. Failing to show such a depth of compassion is common for those who have never shared a special bond with a companion animal. These people might say to themselves, “What’s the big deal … it was just a pet” What they don’t understand is a very simple truth … losing a companion animal is losing a member of your family. More...

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