Thursday, October 15, 2009

NuVet Plus Testimony

I have said it before and I'll say it again. If you want to help your dog stay healthy or you are trying to correct an already present illness or disease. NuVet Plus will and can help.Check out Bandit, his loving owner contacted me ask if she can try a sample of NuVet because she had noticed a rash on his foot. She also told me that Bandit was a picky eater and may not eat the NuVet wafer. I was happy to send one wafer off to her as a taste test to see if Bandit would go for it. This is what she said.

"Hey, Susan,
He gobbles it right up and I have noticed the rash on his foot receding very quickly. It usually takes forever to get rid of it.
Thanks for checking. Odd he would so readily eat something, he’s so picky but it’s really no problem. I used the number you gave me but when I ordered the tabs they emailed me several times asking where the number came from. Finally I got them. I ordered the small size because I was worried he would spit them out but he loves them!! He’s a very happy puppy, that’s for sure. He will need a new bottle. Also he’s not shaking his head anymore either. The ears quieted down as well.

Hope you are doing well, and thank you.

Katie Furman

Bandit says “Thank You”

OK, how cool is that? The NuVet did what it said it would do. Bandit also loves them and that's just an added plus. Did you note that she used a number to order them???? Yes, a referral number is necessary to obtain NuVet Plus. So go ahead, use mine... It's 42299 and if you can call it in at 1-800-474-7044 and mention you want to save even more money by using Auto-Ship you will receive a 15% discount on each bottle.

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