Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Osteo Essentials * Protect your bones.

These are for us humans.

Ultralogix Osteo Essentials* Osteo Essentials* has all the necessary nutrients to help protect your bones against brittleness and deterioration.* With seven different types of calcium, this formula is fortified with Vitamin D, Magnesium and other bone-strengthening minerals that are difficult to obtain from diet alone. Additionally, the calcium is chelated (i.e., wrapped in amino acids) to ensure maximum absorption into the bloodstream. While all minerals have at least minute traces of lead, Osteo Essentials* is created in accordance with the strictest pharmaceutical-grade standards, making it virtually lead-free for your safety. This Ultralogix supplement is formulated for males and females aged 13 and up. Each bottle contains a one-month supply of 120 tablets.

I talk about giving your pet's supplements to maintain a healthy life, so here's one for us.

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