Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DogToids & CatToids Breath Mints

I was asked to do a review on DogToids & CatToids. What I found out is they are flavorful Breath mints with natural flavors that dogs and cats can't resist. Each little bone and fish shaped treat contains a tasty flavor combination of beef, liver and fish flavors that pets find irresistible. DogToids and CatToids are made with parsley to help freshen breath naturally.

Tasty Treats for Our Four Legged Furry Friends
Who doesn't want their pet to have fresh breath?
For more information about Bamboo DogToids and CatToids Breath Mints and other great products, please visit or call 1-877-224-PETS
Recycle your Tins - they make nice little containers too....

1 comment:

Johnnie said...

HA! What an awesome idea. My dogs breath smells like fish sometimes?