Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home based pet food business

Why would I be writing about a home based pet food business on The Healthy Dog? I'll tell you, because there are so many pets counting on me to share with their owners about good nutrition. Here are Some Things To Consider:

Since 1999, our Representatives have been gaining their share of the ever growing $18 Billion dollar pet food market. Pet owners are thankful to know of healthier alternatives and are eager to make a switch for the better. Contrast that with the response you might get selling lotions, potions, or super juices!

There are 3 questions that may help you decide to join our Team
1. Do you have a pet or know anyone who has a pet?
2. Do you know anyone with a pet who doesn't feed them?
3. Do you know anyone with a pet who wants to feed them old, spoiled, non human quality products intentionally?

The answer is easy, people want to do the best for their pets. In fact, most pet owners say that they take better care of their pets than they do themselves. That being the case, do you see an opportunity here?

When considering the potential here, consider this illustration. Imagine if more than 40 years ago a little known company named Purina came to you and said, "If you will recommend our pet foods to every pet owner you meet, we will pay you for that sale and every sale thereafter residually and for life (just like royalties on a hit song or movie)". Where would you be financially right now? That would be a revolutionary concept in pet food sales, right? Well, that is exactly what our opportunity can do for you.

Here is the place to be - To learn more and sign up. Take the next step in becoming a pet hero. I did and so can you!

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