Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meat bound for landfill now heading for your dogs bowl

The Landfill Diversions Program partnered with three Portland, Oregon, USA, Walmart stores in an effort to use unwanted grocery store food as pet food for rescued animals, according to an article from Fox News Oregon.

The program collects expired turkey, chicken, beef and pork from stores that would otherwise throw the meats out. The food is distributed from the northeast Portland home of Virginia Dunn, director of the group Northwest Working Dogs. According to Dunn, any pet owner who wants to feed animals raw food is eligible for the program.

"The US Department of Agriculture says literally billions of pounds of meat go in the landfill every year and it could be diverted and used for animal feed, which is obviously much healthier for dogs," Dunn said.

Sounds like the pet food industry has found another way to cut costs with meat that is literally garbage.

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