Saturday, January 22, 2011

Overweight Dogs & Cats

Studies show that one third of Americans are so overweight they are considered obese, but is this a problem among our beloved pets? The answer is yes! Although a little bit of extra weight on our pets may make them a little more cuddly or cute, it actually is detrimental to their health.

What are Some of the Major Causes of obesity?
• Overeating
• Lack of exercise
• Hormonal problems
• Improper feeding (such as leaving food down all day)
• Slowing down of metabolism (especially in older dogs)

We all know that food plays a major role in the overall weight of humans as well as animals, but the question is:

What should Pet Food Contain?
Just like humans, the amount of calories found in the food consumed, produces an increase or decrease in weight. Because an animal is fed the same food everyday unlike humans, it is vital to their health that each calorie be used to its best advantage. Many pet foods on the market today use fillers in their food which include empty calories that add to the weight of our pets. When looking for the meal your animal should eat every day be sure it is a food with calories that contain ample amounts of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

How Can I Determine whether my Pet is Overweight?
An examination of your pet should be done regularly to check for obesity.

* Easy to feel ribs without excess fat VS. Difficult to feel ribs with excess fat.
* Viewed from the side, belly is tucked up VS. Viewed from the side, there is minimal to no tuck.
* Viewed from above, a noticeable waist in front of the hips VS. Viewed from above, no waist in front of the hips.

What to do if your Pet is Obese?
The first thing you should do is to see your veterinarian. This will rule out any health conditions and help you see that you find an accurate ideal weight. You will then need to find a weight loss pet food which has all the proper nutrients.
My company offers a wonderful balanced weight loss formula for overweight pets, but still has all the needed nutrition.
Think fetch instead of treats and take more frequent walks. Treats that would not put on the extra weight would be things like carrots, ice cubes, or Life’s Abundance Wholesome Hearts Treats.
You should start seeing the weight come off in matter of a couple of weeks. Continue to monitor them, and they will be on their way to living a happy healthy life. See Ingredients list HERE

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