Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dog car safety tip: Seat Belts

Just wanted to remind pet owners about safely transporting your pets.  Look for a dog seat belt that will hold your dog in place during the ride.  Most seat belts have a padded strap that goes in front of the dog's chest, two straps that adjust for the neck and under the legs and a loop that the car seat belt goes through.

Place the dog in the back seat (the safest location to ride) the middle of the seat is best possible position in your car for your pet.  Do not leave your pet attached to the car's seat belt if you leave the car.  This may cause harm to a pet that tries to move from his set.  Unfasten the car seat belt from the seat belt harness and refasten it upon your return. 

This will assure your pet's saftey when riding in the car.

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