Monday, November 28, 2011

Pedigree's definition of Long lasting dog chews

I was reading an interesting article and came across this. This just goes to show how big name companies stretch their marketing words to make consumers think they are getting more then they actually do. Case in point:

Pedigree responds to consumer complaint about chewy dog treat

Petfood manufacturer Pedigree said claims made in a TV ad for the Jumbone chew treat are "mere puffery," after a dog owner complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that his dogs consumed the treats in seconds.

The TV ad features a small dog gnawing on the Jumbone and giving up after it could not finish what the commercial called a "long-lasting chewy treat." The dog owner complained to the ASA, claiming his dogs took "under one minute" to finish off the bones.

In its response to the complaint, Pedigree said the man should not have believed the claim of the "lighthearted" ad, saying it was "mere puffery". In Pedigree's view, "long lasting" meant "several minutes." The ASA weighed the evidence and dismissed the consumer complaint, siding with Pedigree that its chewy dog treats lasted an average of about "three minutes and 21 seconds," which it considered long lasting, in comparison to softer treats. 

Now back to my commentary - I know that dogs will chew through treats at a different speed. My own dogs can be given a chew treat at the same time and one will aggressively chew on it and have it gone in a matter of minutes and the other will savor his treat for up to a half hour.

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