Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting Your New Puppy

Spring is in the air. The trees are making leaves, the flowers are blooming and the birds are building their nests. It's a great time to be alive. But wait! I have heard that there are puppies on the way. I love the thought of a new little live being born. The small, innocent ball of fur, with the prettiest blue eyes, the cute little squeak and puppy breath - yeah! If I only could get another one, but I have two and frankly that's enough for me. After a day of work, the last thing I want to do is groom my own, but appearance is everything when you are a professional groomer.
Back to puppies, I know of two standard poodle breeders that are getting ready to welcome new pups and there are countless others that are doing the same. When you are looking for a particular breed, do your homework. I can't stress this enough. Make sure you are buying from someone with years of Good experience. There are so many "puppy mills" out there and these people don't care about the dogs, just money. A good breeder who really loves their dogs will interview you. They will most likely ask if you are buying the puppy for yourself for a pet or are you thinking of breeding? They may also ask you about the living arrangements the dog will have, will it be indoors?, will the puppy be home alone all day? Do you have others now? Do you have room to allow him to run and play? A good breeder will want to know this stuff. I once was taken by a puppy mill breeder, and it was horrible. The puppy died as a result of Parvo. It was bad enough to lose the dog, but I also lost the price I paid, the money for vet bills and lots of sleep crying, it was hard. So again, do research, ask people who have the breed you want where they got their dog and be safe. And when you do find that little bundle of joy, get your precious puppy off to a healthy start.

Dr. Jane Bicks, HealthyPetNet’s veterinarian formulator, chose each product in our Puppy Pak for a specific reason. Each Pak contains Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food to provide a good nutritional foundation and Advanced Daily Supplement to provide the additional nutrients puppies need to thrive. Each Pak also contains Antioxidant Health Bars and PorkHide Bones, which are safe and healthy treats. Daily Oral Care and Ear Care Formula, which will address ear and oral health issues. Spa Scents Shampoo and Spa Scents Bath Fresh Mist, which will give your puppy a great looking and fragrant coat. The Puppy Pak also contains “The Truth About Pet Food” DVD absolutely FREE. Congratulations and best wishes for years of good health, happiness and hugs!

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