Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wheat in Dog Food * Flint River Ranch *

Flint River Ranch's philosophy on WHEAT AS FOOD INGREDIENT
Some humans, as well as pets, are allergic to wheat. However, it is a far better grain to digest than corn or soy bean. Using a combination of different forms of grain - ground wheat, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, ground rice is better than just one grain.
Humans, as well as pets, have certain foods they should not eat. The people of Flint River Ranch realize that one product cannot meet the needs of every pet owner. While a wheat base is acceptable to most dogs, it is up to each pet owner to make this determination. They purchase the grains from General Mills and Pilsbury, not direct from the farm. The cost is greater; however, this insures them of receiving the finest quality without the risk of mold or other harmful toxins.
Flint River Ranch - A company you can trust!!
If your dog is allergic to wheat, try the LAMB, MILLET & RICE FORMULA

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