Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DogPause Dog Bowl *Stops The Frenzy Feeding Habit*

Pippin & Bosco enjoying their
Life's Abundance health food in the New DogPause Dog Bowl

When Ryan from DogPause - The Healthy Dog Bowl contacted me about reviewing the DogPause feeding bowl, I said "Sure" I'm always looking for new, innovative items in the Dog World.
What is the DogPause? Well, it is a dog bowl that slows down the eating habits of some dogs. I like to call these kind of eaters, scarfers, you know, the one's that eat so fast that they eventually throw-up. This way of consuming foods can also have health problems associated with it. For instants: flatulence (gas), belching, gagging, anxiety, bloating and obesity has been link to speed eating. Just like us, dogs that eat fast can have stomach aches and feel miserable. Slowing down the intake of food can be controlled by the DogPause Dog Bowl. The people of DogPause conducted a clinical trial at an independent kennel that was overseen by research veterinarians. This clinical trial was performed by three known breeds of fast eaters: Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers and Pointers. Back when Otis (my black Lab) was here with us, (he is now in heaven) he loved to eat and he was a scarfer, if the DogPause was invented back then I surely would have gotten him one. Anyway, back to the study. The results demonstrated that the DogPause slowed down the rate of eating by all the dogs in the test by an average of 50% or more. This means that if a dog downs his food in an average time of 72 seconds using a typical dog dish by replacing the dish with the DogPause, the time it takes to finish is lengthened by 108 seconds on average.
Pippin looking to see if Bosco still has food left, Yes, he does. Bosco checking to see if Pippin finished his dinner, yes, bummer all gone.
To learn more about this wonderful tool in feeding "fast, speed eaters" go to www.dogpausebowl.com there you will find all the facts and ordering information you need to make this a healthy part in your daily feeding your pet. Watch a video and see a side-by-side comparison of Hank with his regular dog bowl and with DogPause.

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