Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Australian Shepherd Medium Haircut

Here's Max with his thick full coat. He has difficulty in the hot weather so his owner likes to have him clipped to about 2 inches in length.Here he is after I brushed and clipped him. I used the FURminator Deshedding Treatment on Max to help brush the hair out of his coat so I could use an attachment on my clipper. With undercoat, the blade will not go through the hair, thus making the job impossible.
Max after he was finished. Look how cool he looks now!!! This is a really good haircut on him, I know he will enjoy the weather much better now.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I went through giving my Blue Merle female a haircut, only I didn't know anything about the Furminator. It was about a four hour job clipping an unbelievable amount of hair with scissors. Most references I saw said not to cut the hair. I don't agree. My Aussie [mix?] lived to be 17 with no real health issues until last year of life, so clipping didn't seem to hurt her. You left your dog with the perfect length so that some sun protection is still afforded. Good luck trimming around the feet and hindquarters if anything like mine was. :) I'd like to see some photos of how you handled trimming the tail.

Anonymous said...

My aussie just has his fur groomed today actually, we always have such troubble clipping him ourselves so thanks for the tip.
And we had his hair clipped REALLY short,just about a centameter(he looks a bit funny as he always does each summer. The woman said that even that was enough for decent sun protection, and besides he is usually a indoor dog anyway.