Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cushings Disease in Dogs

Cushings is getting more common in dogs, what is it?
It’s a hormonal disease. As a holistic groomer and pet food adviser, I believe that we have poisoned our pet’s bodies as well as our own with the foods we all are eating. The hormones in the body react when they are stimulated by cells. The physiology of the dog has not changed in all the years of keeping records. The liver, the thyroid cells and the adrenal glands are not made to handle all of the toxins we place in the mouths of our pet's, in my opinion.
What are the symptoms of Cushings Disease in dogs?
This is a very complicated disease with a wide range of symptoms and causes.
1. The most common symptom is increased consumption of water and the resultant increased urination. The dogs drink between two and ten times the normal amount of water and the resultant increase in urination follows.
2. Increase in appetite is another common clinical symptom that shows up in around 80% of the affected animals. Dogs may begin stealing food, begging for treats continuously, and become very protective of their own food and despite having these symptoms, the owner may feel that the dog is okay because of his good appetite.
3. Abdominal enlargement is a common symptom in affected dogs. The potbellied appearance is a result of the shifting of fat to the abdominal area and a weakening and wasting of muscle mass in the abdomen.
4. Hair loss and thinning of the skin are also common symptoms in dogs with Cushing's disease. The hair loss usually starts over the areas of wear such as the elbows and goes to the flanks and abdomen areas until eventually only the head and extremities have hair. The skin may also become thin and be easily damaged and slow to heal.
5. Increased panting, urinary tract infections, or losses in reproductive ability are other symptoms often noted with this disease.

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