Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Badly Matted Schnauzer - Shave

The pictures you are seeing may be disturbing to some people, viewer discretion is suggested.

This is the before picture of this Schnauzer. The hair was so matted that I needed to clip very short. I was not surprised when I can across a sore on his leg. I clipped the hair off his legs as if I was pealing off a very tight sock, except this was connected to skin. I gave him a bath with medicated shampoo which I left on for 10 minutes. This helps with soothing skin that has not been able to (breathe)

Here is the after picture of one comfortable pup.


Lily and Benson said...

Ah, You look so handsome with no hair. Don't worry, we don't have hair either. Someone sure does care about you.
Lily & Benny

Anonymous said...

He looks like a totally new, and happy dog! We had our rescue schnauzer shaved today, and he is very happy now!

spotts said...

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