Sunday, August 2, 2009

For Pet Breeders - This is The Perfect Business

Why HealthyPetNet for your breeding business or hobby?
HealthyPetNet offers the following special programs:
Dog Breeder Program Cat Breeder Program
In order to participate in these programs you must Become a Field Representative of HealthyPetNet.
As a HealthyPetNet Field Representative you will have access to Dr. Jane Bicks, she is the formulator of the HealthyPetNet products. This means if you or your customers have any questions regarding any of the products you get answers directly from Dr. Jane! What other pet food manufacturers let you do that?

How Can You Participate in this HealthyPetNet Breeder Program?
It's Easy!
First - Join HealthyPetNet As a Field Rep or Executive Field Rep Click Here To Register Online it's easy.
Next - Complete The Dog Breeder or Cat Breeder Form (you will find this in your new back office) and Fax to the company. Once HealthyPetNet receives your completed form you can call them to place your order.

Why would you recommend Eukanuba, Purina, Iams, Science Diet or any other food that is not healthy?
Plus as a HealthyPetNet Rep you get paid to ensure your breeding line offspring is getting the best nutrition. Feed your dog or cat a premium pet food and earn a residual income for the life!!! Wow, the best part is you receive a "check back" on your own orders.. Check out the great website you can have too.....


best pet stain remover said...

How long do these breeder programs take?

spotts said...

Sign-up with HealthyPetNet is fast and easy. Go back to the post and click on Field Rep. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click: To Join Our Home Business NOW! and fill out the Trilogy International, Inc.
Independent Field Representative Agreement. Next you need to fill out a Breeders Program application and that's it. Any help or questions please email me. It's a great program for all breeders both dogs and cats.