Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Groom Expo Friends * Teri DiMarino

Here is one of my all time favorite speakers Teri DiMarino. I was so blessed to have had a chance to sit in on her Brusher/ Bather Certificate Program where pet bathers-in-training, future groomers, and salon owners benefited from the day-long program with tips on equipment and products to make the groomer job easier. I have been grooming for 17 years and walked away with some very great tips.

Teri has been a salon owner for nearly thirty years and a mobile groomer for another five. Teri has written for all the industry publications including Barkleigh Productions when she took the position of Industry Consultant, Sales and Marketing. She also writes the business column and feature articles in Groomer To Groomer magazine (my favorite magazine.) She was the professional consultant for the Animal Planet reality show, Groomer Has It. Teri regularly lectures at trade shows and consults with pet styling businesses, specializing in teaching everyday grooming and bathing techniques, salon set-up, and time management efficiency. She is a Sanctioned Judge for many grooming competitions. She is one very classy lady.

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