Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Potty Park Indoor Dog Potty Save Money Here

Indoor potty places are all the rage these days and with the original Potty Park having your dog do his business inside is a snap.
Potty Park is great for condos & apartment, house training and new dog, senior or injured dogs, boats, cottages, & RV's, Pet industry professionals (like me) and animal loves such as yourself.

First a little info about Potty Park and how it works.

The concept of Potty Park is simple - bring a piece of your dogs natural outdoor environment to areas you would like them to be able to relieve themselves without issue.

With Potty Park, your dog will never feel uncomfortable again holding it in for hours at a time or creating accident spots on your floors. You'll love Potty Park too. I sure wish I had a Potty Park back when my daughter's dog was here.

Potty Park is made from antimicrobial HDP (high density polyethylene), which is an excellent manufacturing material for any food and human/animal related product as it is FDA, NSF, and USDA approved for direst human contact.

All components of the Potty Park unit have been specifically sourced for their animal friendly attributes and their antimicrobial resistance to bacteria, moisture absorption, acidity and odor.

Potty Park's unique and exclusive indoor/outdoor urine reservoir system makes Potty Park clean and easy to use. The original design and features have been created with both humans and dogs in mind.

Get rid of those unsightly and costly pee pads and forget about carpet cleaning solutions that don't work. Try one out and see why I think this is the best solution to problem dogs, puppies, and hard to get outside dogs.

Right now I can give you a added gift - use this code OHSGC09 for FREE S&H Plus a FREE Bottle of All Natural Cleaner.

Shop online at http://www.pottypark.com/ or call toll-free
1-866-664-6188 remember to use this code and save.
This Code is placed in the Other Information area
after your Payment Information

Breeder Referred OHSGC09

Competitors can't match Potty Park's safety for you and your dog!

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