Thursday, September 3, 2009

Potty Park The Bathroom for Dogs

What is Potty Park all About?
Potty Park is an indoor place for your dog to relieve himself. All to often I hear about the "bad dog" going pee or poo in the house. Well, I for one, rather have my dogs go to the potty outside. But if you have a hard time getting your pet outside, if you work all day, if you live in an apartment and so on, Potty Park is for you. Ask yourself these questions:

Is Potty Park™ right for me & my dog?
Do you live in a condominium or apartment?
Are you the owner of a new puppy?
Do you have a senior or injured dog?
Is it hard to provide your dog with late night & early morning walks?
Do you own a boat, cottage or R.V.?
Do you enjoy traveling with your dog(s)?
Do you wish to have an indoor area for pets during the day while you are out of the home?
Are you a pet industry professional such as a dog care provider, breeder or veterinarian?
Are you a home owner who would like a designated area outside for their dogs to toilet, thereby preserving lawns, gardens, swimming pool proximity's and children’s play areas.
Do you live in extreme weather environments that limit or prohibit dog walks?
Do you live within close proximity to predator(s) and animals such as birds of prey, snakes, spiders, alligators, wolves, cougars, bears, raccoons, etc.
Do you want the very best for your four-legged companion and would hate to think of them being in discomfort?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these questions, chances are you will benefit by ordering your very own Potty Park. I can help you save some cash too. Use this code OHSGC09 and save.
Call toll-free 1-866-664-6188
Spotts Grooming Parlor uses Potty Park


joanne said...

Thanks for the info on the potty park. I am considering purchasing one and tried the special code but it said it was invalid!

spotts said...

Hi Joanne,
You visited my blog The Healthy Dog and wanted to buy a Potty Park. I am new to the business and I was afraid my code was not yet in the system at Potty Park. You can call toll free 1866-664-6188 and give them my code OHSGC09 This will give you free shipping + a free bottle of cleaner. Please email me at or call me at 440 254-3606 if you have any problems. You may want to mention me Susan Potts of Spotts Grooming. I'll make sure you get the free shipping. Thanks