Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Gift for Pets

Forget the sweets, give the gift of health this Valentine's Day. Your dogs and cats deserve to be the healthiest they can be.

Read this real testimony from a very happy customer.
"2nd chance at life"

Goliath is my 90 lb. 14 year old "baby". Our family has had many large and small breeds of canines. Our vet couldn't clear up a horrible skin condition that had plagued this poor dog for a year. I've tried everything from rinses, diet, and fungus meds. Nothing worked. Many thought that since the dog was in advanced years, to let nature take its course.

I contacted my herbalist and she suggested I contact your web site. Goliath showed signs of Cushing’s Disease. His fur had fallen out, stomach was enlarged, and he was drinking water and urinating every 15 minutes.

I started him on your tablets and within a week his thirst and bathroom urges went back to normal. His stomach began to shrink but HIS FUR COAT GREW IN WITHIN 60 DAYS.

This Valentine’s Day he will be 15 years old. What a great gift to have a beautiful fur coat, happy stomach, and much energy. Thank you for giving him a 2nd chance at life. So often our physicians want to use chemo, chemicals, and x-rays to cure various diseases. They had given up on Goliath, but now they can't get over how healthy he has become.

Thank you for saving my companion. I tell everyone about your wonderful products.

Margaret Curchoe

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