Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cost of any pet food by using our Kcal Calculator

Calculator Instructions 1. Grab your brand of food 2. Enter the price of the food Click Update 3. Enter weight (lbs) of your food Click Update 4. Locate the Kcal/kg and Kcal/cup and enter into calculator Click Update 5. Enter your pets weight Click Update 6. Enter recommended cups (feeding amount) Click Update All amounts are set to 1 and will need to be changed for accurate results. Calculator Explained We have discovered an amazingly accurate way to calculate the cost of any pet food by using the KCal calculation method. For example, if you know a kibble contains 1,683 kcal per pound and 365 kcal per cup, you can easily deduct that a 40 pound bag of kibble contains 40 x 1,683 kcal = 67,320 kcal. If you divide that by the amount of kcal per cup, you get the amount of cups in a bag: 67,320 kcal/365 = 184.4. Once you have these numbers, you can then get an accurate feeding cost per day and per month using each brand's feeding chart and cost per bag. Click Here to go to Calculator under the TOOLS tab... Remember to use to order your pet food.

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