Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shetland Sheepdog grooming

This little handsome guy is Scout. He came into the grooming parlor with some very matted pants and a whole lot of fly away hair. I dematted the coat with my new "Emergency" Matzapper Brush from Les Pooches. Then bathed and dried him and scissored to neaten up his coat. Special Note: The coat of a Sheltie is easier to care for than you might think, but regular brushing is important to avoid mats from forming. You start by misting the coat lightly with water or what I like to use is the Bath Fresh Mist from Life's Abundance. Brush out the tangles before they turn into mats, if you don't the hair will become to bad and this will cause coat damage. This breed is a seasonally heavy shedder. The dense undercoat is shed twice a year: in the spring and fall. The coat readily sheds dirt and mud and Shelties really like to be clean.

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