Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Price per pound for dog and cat food

Price Per Pound First, let's talk about price per pound. Any decent dog food will usually start at about $1.50 to $1.75 per pound and a good quality cat food will start at about $2.oo per pound. This is not unlike the way we shop for meats, fruits, or vegetables. Anything under this price range should not be considered. It costs money to manufacture a good pet food. If you are spending less than this per pound, you are most likely buying junk. Price Per Feeding Second, let's examine price per feeding. Just because it appears that you are saving money on a "bargain brand", doesn't mean that you are. Comparing the price of one bag vs. another bag will lead you to a false conclusion. It often takes up to twice as much bargain brand food to equal one serving of a better food because of more digestibilty (not to mention better quality). So in reality, you may actually be buying double the amount of pet food and not saving any money after all. Consider the following example of cost per feeding for a 30 pound adult dog. If you were to buy a cheaper grocery store brand like Beneful dog food, the cost for a 15.5 lb bag would be about $20.00. Alternatively, the cost for a 20lb bag of Life's Abundance holistic dog food would cost about $31.00. That is an $11.00 difference per bag. However, the cost per feeding would be amazingly similar. The cost of feeding beneful dog food would be about .55 cents per day while the Lifes Abundance dog food would be about .64 cents per day. Therefore, to feed Beneful dog food for 1 month would cost $16.50, but to feed a much higher quality holistic diet would cost $19.20 for that same month. An overall difference of only $2.70! Be An Educated Shopper Finally, we all must be informed shoppers when it comes to which dog food and which cat food we are willing to buy. Many manufacturers get their ingredients from overseas to save on costs and many foods have been recalled. It simply DOES NOT PAY to buy cheap dog food or cat food. If you would like to feed your pet a human quality pet food (for about 50 cents a day) click here to contact us. We also have a home based busines opportunity for you to share our superior products and get paid! susanpotts@pipschoice.com

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