Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Australian Shepherd Grooming

This is Max, he is a 6 year old Blue Merle (color) Aussie.
Full Grooming for an Australian Shepherd should be done every 6- 8 weeks. Weekly brushing is very important to keep the coat free from mats and to help distribute the sebum oils.

Tools needed are: Pin and Slicker brushes, wide tooth and standard steel combs (Greyhound), scissors, toe nail clippers, shedding rake, shampoo and coat conditioner. I also like to use the Blueberry facial on Aussie's to help keep their faces nice and bright.


Don and Kathy said...

My aussie runs and hides every time I get his brush out.

spotts said...

Taking just a few minutes a day most often solves that problem. It's all about bonding and making your pet feel good.