Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Clay Essentials Problem Skin Solution * Now Lower Price *

Remember I posted this product awhile back telling everyone that we deserve to pamper our skin too. Many of you like me, spend time and money on our pet's before we spend it on ourselves. For some reason, that's just not right! So I'm here to tell you that Clay Essentials Problem Skin Solution is now $20.00 less than the original price. Why you ask?
Trilogy has received a lot of feedback on the effectiveness and pricing of Problem Skin Solution. On the effectiveness, the company couldn't be happier. This product really works. The testimonials from countless satisfied users are truly amazing. So to help more people experience this wonderful product, the company reduced the retail price by $20.00. This is what Clay Essentials Problem Skin Solution does for your skin ... It gently soothes away trouble spots in just a few applications, revealing softer, clearer skin.
It brightens and smooths skin’s appearance.
It helps reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells and impurities that can clog pores over time.
It draws out trapped impurities and toxins for cleaner, more “breathable” skin.
It is extremely gentle—won’t over-dry or irritate skin.
Clay Essentials Problem Skin Solution is ideal for even the most troublesome blemishes. It is a simple, one-step regimen.
Why not give to a try and tell your friends.

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