Friday, March 26, 2010

Science Diet Dog Food

Let's talk about two formula's from Science Diet. The first is their regular maintenance food found in most veterinary offices and pet food stores. The second is one of their 'Nature's Best'. If you were to guess what the major difference is between the two, you would be correct in saying that one appears to be a natural formula while the other is not natural. That being the case, which food do you feel is better in quality - Natural or Not Natural? The answer is obvious. Why then do we still find the original Science Diet formula on sale everywhere when they have clearly made an advancement in technology by creating a more natural food?
By the way, both have similar ingredients...Corn, Wheat, Soy Bean, Animal Fat, Animal Digest

In summary: If both pet foods are of equal quality there is no need to spend money on the higher priced foods. If both pet foods are not of the same quality, why would you ever buy from a company who knowingly makes inferior products?

Now let me tell you about Life's Abundance pet foods. It only come in one variety - The Best we can make. While we understand that most people want to watch their budgets and not spend more than is necessary, we also understand that you get what you pay for. Most people never consider that buying cheaper foods can lead to more expenses down the road with regard to vet costs, nutritionally related ailments, and shortened life spans. They may also not realize that you could easily feed twice as much of a cheaper food in an attempt to equal the nutrition found in a food like Life's Abundance.

If we examine the actual cost of feeding Life's Abundance, we would be amazed to realize how inexpensive it is and why it makes no sense to consider an inferior product.

The average cost of feeding Life's Abundance
12lb cat = .29 cents per day
50lb dog = .90 cents per day
We could not expect to feed any single member of our family for such a small price without sacrificing good health. Should we expect any different results when it comes to our pets?

Our philosophy is simple, people who love their pets will naturally want to feed them what is best, not what is cheapest.
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