Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Causes of Vomiting in Dogs

Dogs have a way of vomiting in all the wrong places. Carpets seem to be their place of choice. But do you ever wonder what is causing them to vomit in the first place?

Here are some common and some not so common reasons.

Dietary Problems
Sudden diet change - switching to a different food can cause a dog to have an upset stomach.
A foreign object - ingesting a small piece of a dog toy, a stick or anything can make the dog vomit.
Intolerance to treatments, mainly antibiotics
Overdose of medications - in which vomiting is a good thing
Ethylene glycol aka antifreeze
Xylitol (sweetener in gum)
Other Causes
Motion sickness - traveling in cars is a big one
Internal disorders
Organ diseases such as kidney, pancreatitis, liver
Disorders of the stomach & Intestines
Parasites (worms) can be a puppy problem and found in adults

All these things can be the cause of vomiting in a dog. Knowing the cause will lead to how to treat the problem. Of course, any medical problem needs a veterinarian.

Feeding a good food and giving a supplement to boost the immune system is very important in keeping your dog healthy. Check out Spotts Grooming and Holistic Pet Foods for the right brands to buy.

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