Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yes, there is a way to buy NuVet Plus a little cheaper!

Yes, you can use order code 42299 and sign up for autoship. This will save you 15% on each and every order. Call 800-474-7044 say you read about this on Spotts Dog Care (spotts grooming) and let them know Susan told you to ask how to save 15% on your order. It's that easy and you are not locked into any time frame. As long as you are giving your pet's NuVet the savings continues. It's a great deal and we all can use a deal at this time in a harsh economy. But you know the best thing of all? you are helping your pet's stay healthy.... that will save big time over the years and no more expensive veterinarian bills. Now that's a Deal!!!
www.spottsgrooming.com and click on NuVet or go right to their home site at www.nuvet.com/42299

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