Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Testimonial Life's Abundance Pet Food

After having the third pet diagnosed with severe liver disease (the second on the same cat food) I decided to search the web for an "organic" pet food. All my searching brought me to an old friend and Life's Abundance Pet Food. I purchased both dog and cat food. I was told to mix our dog's food half and half until she got used to it. Imagine our surprise when our dog Abby starts eating her first bowl of food and is spitting out pieces of food. My husband thought at first that she was spitting out the Life's Abundance. Not so. She was picking out all of the "old" dog food and eating the Life's Abundance. Another thing that has amazed us since putting her on Life's Abundance is the fact that she isn't eating the cat's food anymore. Before, she would run in and eat the cat's leftover food as soon as she was done. Not any more! Our cat is also on Life's Abundance, and considering her health status, is doing very well. Abby is 8 yrs. old, and has been on many different brands of dog food. This is the first that she has liked right away. I recommend Life's Abundance to any pet owner who is interested in better nutrition for their pet.

Lori & Abby

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