Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Treats for Dogs

Wholesome Hearts Low-Fat Dog Treats are all-natural, low-fat dog treats with high quality proteins and harvest-fresh fruits, vegetables and multi-grains. And they are fortified with L-Carnitine for a healthy heart and fat metabolism, making them perfect for dogs that could stand to shed a few pounds. Wholesome Hearts contain sliced apples, squash, yellow field peas, tomatoes, cloves (which have extremely high antioxidant values), cranberries, pumpkin, ginger and nutmeg. The rice germ/bran included in this recipe has been studied at the University of Illinois for its ability to support immune system functioning and skin and coat health, and is chock full of protein and B vitamins.

Some of HealthyPetNet’s treats are formulated to help promote the health of a specific part of your pet’s body. Healthy teeth and gums are an important consideration for your dog’s overall health – if a tooth is loose due to tartar and plaque, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and enter the heart and/or kidney, with health consequences. It is always a good idea to brush your dog’s teeth, but sometimes that is not always possible. Gourmet Dental Treats for Dogs contain a variety of whole grains and protein, and calcium and phosphorous for strong bones and teeth. And, the parsley in these treats freshens your dog’s breath right away.

At HealthyPetNet, we strive to provide treats that provide crucial nutrients without adding any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, fillers or “leftovers”. Our baked treats are made in a bakery in small batches, so your dog will always enjoy the freshest snacks possible.

So give your dogs something that they’ll not only enjoy, but will contribute to their long-term health as well. Visit the Treat section of our web site to find out about our other nutritious lines of healthy treats.

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