Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Gluten allergy, medically described as celiac disease, is a fairly common food allergy in canines. An allergy to gluten can develop at any point in a dog's life and can show in a variety of symptoms, including skin and bowel problems. Common problems of a gluten allergy can include symptoms such as itchy, flaky, and irritated skin. Bowel problems like diarrhea, loose stools are also noticed. Other symptoms include hypertension, weight loss, lack of energy and changes in behavior all which should be checked by your veterinarian.

Some of the most common food allergies in dogs are corn, soy,
preservatives, beef, pork, chicken, milk, eggs and fish.
Most always it is the source from which the ingredients are coming from. Corn can contain mold, preservatives are chemicals and are not good for anybody. Milk should never be a part of a dogs diet or ours for that matter. The meats are not of human grade which can be old, sickly or even prior dead animals.

Switching to a natural, holistic pet food is something that will help.
My Life's Abundance is safe and is tolerated by many dogs with allergies.
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