Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dogs with Pancreatitis

A true testimonial from a very happy customer.

"Bloodwork came back normal"

Last July my 11 year old Yorkie, Henri , developed acute Pancreatitis. After spending 5 days and nights at the kennel throwing up, not eating, and generally listless I decided against my vet's wishes and took him home. My vet offered little hope for his recovery since he hadn't been responding to any treatment.

I got out my cooking pans and began boiling up chicken and rice. Henri began eating it immediately a little at a time. I added Beech Nut Green Beans Baby Food, a tbs. of applesauce, and some rich broth from the boiling. Each day Henri ate a larger portion. Yet I wanted something more to add to help him gain his strength back. It was then that I went onto the Internet.

I put “pancreatitis in dogs" in a search and up popped several web sites. NuVet Labs® was one of the web sites. Your web site told me that my dog would never have Pancreatitis again if he consumed NuVet Plus® products. Of course I was skeptical. I hesitated to order, thinking that it was just a scam. But something convinced me to order the NuVet Plus Canine and try it.

I have just re-ordered my 90 day supply and I have placed my future orders on autoship. I have never seen such a change in any animal in my life. Henri now has the energy level again that he had as a puppy. He licks his bowl clean both in the morning and dinnertime. When we take our daily walks he is pulling me. If I didn't know better I'd think that he was taking "happy pills".

Recently I took him to a different vet and asked him to run blood work on Henri's liver and Pancreas. All of the blood work came back completely normal. I told the Vet about your products and he told me to keep giving them to Henri. But I had already decided that before I went. Thank you NuVet Labs® from the bottom of my heart for giving Henri back to me for a few more years. I continue to sing your praises to any animal lover who will listen.

Mary F.

I love to read these testimonials because I know that this product works. Sometimes it takes letters like these to get people to try a product and with NuVet's 100% money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Is it your time to order? call 1800-474-7044 use order code 42299.

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