Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flint River Ranch Food * Questions and Answers

Question - Which FRR dog food would be best for a dog that seems to have a problem with acid reflux? He seems to throw up occasionally also. He has been checked by two vets and there is no reason found for this happening, so I am concerned it is his dog food and would like to try the best Flint River Ranch that might best suit him.
Answer - Feed the FRR Lamb, Millet & Rice as it is formulated for easy digestion and contains probiotics to aid in digestion. Feed the dog his daily food amount over 2-3 smaller meals a day, rather than all at once. Do not feed right after stress or exercise. Wait until the dog calms down. Take the dog to the vet (she has already, but always suggest it with any issue that may be “medical”). Canned pumpkin (not pie filling, just plain pumpkin) is recommended by many holistic vets as a remedy to an upset stomach (for people too!). Yogurt with the live cultures can also help with stomach issues. Be aware of all treats or bones given to the dog, as that might be a source of digestive issues for the pet. Feed the LMR biscuits as well, as they match the formulation of the food.
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