Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Main Ingredients and Benefits in Flint River Ranch Pet Foods

Flint River Ranch cares about your pets as much as we care about our own and that's why I feed and recommend it to all my customers.
Flint River Ranch uses quality natural ingredients to provide for your pet’s well-being by helping it to synergistically heal itself through healthy, holistic nutrition.

I will be posting one food ingredient daily to help you understand and make wise food choices for your pet.
This post is all about Meat

The mix of proteins and amino acids found in all the formulas are the basic building blocks of your pet’s body and its immune system. This also is providing a variety of healthy meat proteins in each formula, Flint River Ranch is more successful at meeting the overall nutritional needs of your pet compared to those who rely on single source proteins. Flint River Ranch uses “meat meal” which is meat ground to remove excess water for easy assimilation into the formulas “cook.” All meat is muscle and skin flesh only, with little or no bone attached from processing. The meats can be considered human-quality, similar in ranking to store-brand meats you would buy for your own family. Sound good?

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