Friday, January 9, 2009

How much food to feed my dog?

Thinking about how much to feed your new puppy or dog?
I can tell you about Flint River Ranch and their feeding guidelines.
If you are thinking about changing to Flint River Ranch food because you have heard how good it is but you are afraid to because your dog may not like it, trust me, he will. One thing to remember however, that food changes can upset a pet's digestive system. You need to make the change over gradually for 5-7 days by mixing the Flint River Ranch food with the brand you are feeding now. Start with a mixture of 10% - 15% Flint River Ranch food, then increase the percentage of Flint River Ranch food by 10% - 15% each day until the transition is complete. Without the gradual transition from the other brand to the much richer/healthier Flint River Ranch food, pets may get upset stomachs and diarrhea. Feed your adult dog twice a day. Have plenty of fresh water available at all times. Feed an amount that will maintain your dog's weight. Following are suggested daily feeding amounts however, keep in mind your dogs breed, age and activity level determines the amount you should actually feed. For puppies, rule is, have food down and allow him to graze on it, can be picked up in the evening for house breaking.

Weight of Dog - Cups of Food

Because Flint River Ranch dog food products are high-density, you feed 20-25% less than other foods, thus saving you money. Each serving delivers the maximum nutrition without fillers, so you'll notice less stool volume and cleanup and that's great news. Quantities will vary based on your climate, breed of your dog and activity level he or she has. You want to feed an amount that will maintain their ideal weight.
Keep in mind, when you feed a diet that is low in protein your dog will eat more than they should in order to satisfy their hunger. Improper feeding is the greatest cause of obesity.
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