Sunday, January 4, 2009

NuVet Plus for Cats

Strengthen your cat's entire immune system every day. This supplement acts as a shield that prolongs your cat ’s life and health by strengthening its resistance to ailments and diseases. By giving NuVet Plus to your feline, it is protected against many cancers, heart problems, tumors, diabetes, cataracts, bone and joint problems along with skin and coat issues. The Feline formula comes in a convenient powder that you sprinkle on your cat's canned or dry food, making it easier to give the protection your special pet needs. Order NuVet Plus Feline Formula and see how easy this is to use.
Just sprinkle a teaspoon of the powder (the scoop is included) on your cat's favorite food. The natural chicken taste makes NuVet Plus so appetizing that most cats can't wait to dig into their food. By doing is one simple thing every day, your cat will become a much healthier and happier pet. And that means less veterinary visits and expensive treatments.

This amazing supplement is NOT available to the general public without a recommendation from one of the 20,000+ Groomers, Breeders, and Pet Professional already using it on their own animals.
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Call today Toll Free 1-800-474-7044

For a 3 month supply (Better Value) You get 90 servings of NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement for CATS and KITTENS in granular form.
1 serving per day for 5 lbs and over.
1/2 serving if under 5 lbs.

ONLY $55.50 (90 servings) -- that's just **62 cents a day;
...or save 15% more on auto-ship!
ONLY $47.15 (90 servings) -- that's just **53 cents a day.
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