Monday, January 5, 2009

News Articles About Pet Food Makers

There have been so many news articles lately about pet food makers hiding the chemical preservative 'ethoxiquin' in their foods. This is due to the fact that much of the fish used in pet foods comes already pre-preserved with this chemical. So what about Life's Abundance? Many people ask "Does your food contain ethoxiquin since fish meal is an ingredient?
To find the answer to this and to learn about other pet food ingredients in Life's Abundance, listen to this recorded chat with Dr. Jane Bicks, the formulator of Life's Abundance and other HeathlyPetNet products. Simply click on the link below and then choose any ingredient name you would like to hear about.

After you have listened to the recordings, please use your 'Back Button' to return to The Healthy Dog. Then look for the Life's Abundance bag on the left side to place your order. Any New customer ordering in January, you will receive a free gift from Spotts Grooming.

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