Monday, January 5, 2009

Treating a Dog's Ear Infection using a Home Remedy

Does your dog's ears smell?
Treating your dog's ear infection using a home remedy method can be a good starting place to ease the discomfort and that nasty smell. A chronic buildup of wax and debris in the ears, combined with incessant head shaking, scratching and other signs of discomfort, may be the result of a food allergy. Eating grains is one of the most common contributors to long term ear infections. Switching over to an All-natural pet food like Flint River Ranch or Life's Abundance is the first thing you should do. Giving your pet a supplement such as NuVet Plus will also do the trick, and it's a lot less expensive than going off to the vet's office every time your dog has icky ears.A good home remedy is to make a topical solution of apple cider vinegar and equal part of warm water. Using a cotton ball, gently wipe the ears clean. This solution will help to acidify the ear, inhibiting bacterial growth. Never pour anything into your pet's ears; do not push the cotton in too far and never use a Q-tip or other object that can cause severe long term damage to the delicate, sensitive ear canal, this is best done by a professional.Changing your dog's diet can help to keep the ears healthy long term and a good cleaning every month may be all that is required to keep the ears smelling and feeling terrific.

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